3 Speed Bikes

The iconic photos of Audrey Hepburn include bikes, like this one from a Hollywood set.

Audrey Hepburn, heels and wheels

Fashion communities have worked out mashed-up collections from those photos, inspired by another time that fits our modern urban sensibilities …


and what we noticed is that the “most beautiful woman of all time” is riding arguably the best bike of all time, a 3-speed, step-through Raleigh.

In our travels, we see vintage 3-speeds transporting people to and fro in cities.

1973 Raleigh, my fashion accesory

Earlier this month, we rode this prototype bike during a demo.


Product managers always have their own pet projects. Maybe an idea that’s been simmering for years and this bike is part of project that may get released.

We hope it does. 3 speeds makes as much sense now, as they have since 1902.

We also wonder and have talked at length with the old dogs of Cyclocross why there isn’t a 3-speed drivetrain for riding road bikes in the dirt? There was back in the day, cause that’s all they had.

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