2012 Cross Preseason: Rhonde Ohop

After the unusual Midsummer’s Cross race, my Cross preseason starts tomorrow at Rhonde Ohop. The Ronde is a kermesse style race with a mixture of pavement and dirt. It’s near Eatonville, WA, where we found bike culture too, earlier this year.

I’m swapping bikes from road to cross when we hit the dirt with the 11 Redline Conquest. The new 12 bikes are being shipped and built now and should debut at Starcrossed. More on those later and CrossVegas too.

Early Schedule

Suffer Faces

USGP Portland: More Cowbell

More cowbell

USGP Portland: The Most Cowbell

No, we want the MOST cowbell

When the Season is full on with the cow bells clanking, guts wrenching, and snot flying, follow Suffer Faces. That’s where we’ll feature beginners, masters, women, and the working people of the Sport.

Midsummer Nights's Cross Race 26

Each run up his face twisted more

We’re showing their suffering faces.

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