2009 Bianchi Pista Flatbar

IMG_5725.jpg Before Surly and Soma, Bianchi’s Pista was and is the archetypal affordable fixed gear. For 2009 Bianchi introduces a flatbar version of their classic.


For countless riders, the Pista has been their entry to the world of fixed gear riding. The simplicity of the Pista simply begs for modifications to better suite riding style and personal aesthetics. Flat handlebars have become de rigeur for the fixie crowd. And while gas prices skyrocket, a new wave of commuters are attracted to the mechanical simplicity of the Pista.

Bianchi acknowledges both groups with a flatbar companion to the Pista. The 2009 Flatbar Pista uses a flat, mtb-style handlebar and a similar TIG-welded, steel frame except for the rear brake accommodation. Brakes front and rear provide ample control for fixed or single-speed riders. Price will be a little more than the standard Pista; both models will be available.


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