20 Years of Clipless Pedals

Writing for the Guardian’s green-living blog, Peter Walkers looks back at 20 years of clipless pedals.

It’s 20 years since Shimano took cleats, or clip-in technology, from the world of road racing to the everyday commute. Next time you’re in the office and a newly arrived cycling colleague walks past making a faint click-clack noise as they go, they’ve either mistakenly put on their tap shoes or – a better bet – they are among the many devotees of the cleat, or clip-in pedal.

In the years I’ve been riding, fewer people ask me about my shoes; unless, I’m wearing booties and then they want to know what’s going on with the elf boots.

This bucket of pedals I snapped at TrekWorld earlier this year, contained many of the pedals in Speedplay’s timeline.

TrekWorld: Bucket o' Pedals

Myself I’m a Time guy – what pedals do you use and have used?

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