1972 Cycle Rama with Shimano

What were you doing in 72?

Photo credit: Howie Cohen

In the middle there, that’s Matsunaga-san (Shimano-Japan), Yoshi Shimano (Shimano America), Shozo Shimano (Shimano-Japan). This was before Dura Ace when they sold Eagle, Crane, and marketed a Servo Panta Mechanism. Also these Top Tube consoles for bikes with banana seats.

ZV-1 Pre-Order


Top Tob Consoles were cool back then


Note that all the banana seats in these tradeshow photos Photo credit: Howie Cohen

In 1972 The Cycle Rama was held in WCC’s new Watsoncenter facility located in Carson, CA. This picture is of display boards of some of the popular parts/accessories that were sold at special prices at the Show

I was 5 in ‘72 and riding my big wheel everywhere.

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