1972 Cycle Rama with Shimano

What were you doing in 72?

Photo credit: Howie Cohen

In the middle there, that’s Matsunaga-san (Shimano-Japan), Yoshi Shimano (Shimano America), Shozo Shimano (Shimano-Japan). This was before Dura Ace when they sold Eagle, Crane, and marketed a Servo Panta Mechanism. Also these Top Tube consoles for bikes with banana seats.


Top Tob Consoles were cool back then


Note that all the banana seats in these tradeshow photos Photo credit: Howie Cohen

In 1972 The Cycle Rama was held in WCC’s new Watsoncenter facility located in Carson, CA. This picture is of display boards of some of the popular parts/accessories that were sold at special prices at the Show

I was 5 in ‘72 and riding my big wheel everywhere.

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