180s: iPhone-friendly Gear

180s Gloves

180s has been around for a few years with their “Metro” ear-warmer/headphone product. They have been continuing to quietly develope some rather cool new options that meet a variety of needs for the tech-savvy athlete. One thing that our iPhone toting folks will like are these gloves that have conductive pads on the thumb and index finger to allow you to control your touch-screen without peeling off your gloves. It’s a pretty clever (it’s patent pending) fix for those us of in the northern reaches where gloves are pretty much required for 6 months of the year.

ExoLite I also liked the looks of their new lightweight ExoLite ear warmer. Rather than the bulk of their other model, this one will cut out that wind noise and some of the chill on those morning rides (so I can listen to my podcasts during my commute). It folds up nicely to fit in a jersey pocket and is minimal to avoid getting tangled in your helmet straps. I picked up a pair at the show and plan to put them to the test just as soon as I start riding again.

They had a couple other cool products laced with innovative uses for high-tech fabrics. You can find their stuff at most outdoor-focused stores.

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