13 Miles of Road in Sitka, AK

There maybe only 13 miles of road in Sitka, AK, but there’s plenty to see. After all the miles in the Willamette Valley, we’re here for some R&R. I swapped cycling shoes for rubber boots in the morning

Sitka 11: Swapped Sidis for These

These boots are made for fishing

caught a scallop


Snagged the bottom and this scallop

Then went out for a spin.

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I saw a Free Spirt, big Bianchi, and a Salsa Casseroll on a boat.

free spirit

A Free Spirt on the dock


Big Bianchi and little Brompton


Salsa Casseroll

Then at Sunset, watched the Storm Bringer head out into the Sound.

Sitka 11: Fishing Boat

Those 13 miles are in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Stay close to town though, unless you’re prepared for bears. See the rest of the photos on Flickr and Google Plus, including a Ned Vending Machine.

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