10sp XTR

Well, I was waiting for it, and now Shimano just announced it a couple hours ago.

New XTR with 10sp double and triple cranks, new hydraulic brakes, and a new tubeless wheel system.drivetrain.image.+media+images+cycling+products+bikecomponents+FC+FC-M985_40-28_1200x900_v1_m56577569830716979_dot_png.bm.800.0.png


p> It looks like Shimano will pursue both 2×10 drivetrains for XC and 3×10 for “trail” riding. The new crank design seems understated compared to previous offerings. Cassettes will be in either 11-34 or 11-36 offerings, with an updated “Shadow-type” rear derailleur. Pretty hot.

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