#1 Fish Tacos in Hawaii

fish tacos

#1 Fish Taco Photo

To escape the dreep (rain that creeps) in Seattle, we ride the Hawaiian Islands annually and do so with Davidson S&S bikes. Those are built with couplings and disassemble into suitcases that fly for free.

White Line

Riding the white line

Heard ‘bout the #1 Fish Tacos and rode to try them, along H-83, with cars next to us on a decent, bumpy shoulder. Tropical and scenic as usual, Oahu has more cars than the other islands and they don’t dissipate as you ride away from town centers. They gave us room, moved left as we crossed bridges, and were mostly rentals and tour busses. The bikes instill a certain mindset for us, as Ti road, travel bikes. They’re meant to ride and enjoy the road, not race or set a personal best up a nearby climb. Within the first few miles, we set into a island-time tempo, taking easy pulls on the Windward side of the island.

Claiming you got the #1 Fish Taco is bold in this place, brah. The best ever to date, was in Paia one lazy afternoon after a 5-hour ride. Could’ve been that we were just really hungry that day, the cold draft beer, the spices, or a wink and cleavage from the waitress. Whatever it was, the best-ever taco was on Maui.

After 20 miles with a sufficient appetite we arrived at Surfin’ Tacos near Hauula beach and ordered one fish, one pork. They were good served on warmed tortillas with generous sides of rice and beans. The best, the numero uno of fish tacos? Naw, but the genius of putting up a big sign on the side of road traveled by tourists deserves props, as well as the service. It wasn’t a trap, just a decent taco and we’ll stop there again. They cost a reasonable $7.95 for two with a choice of sides.


Tikis torches at sunset

These islands are for cars with little to no cycling infrastructure. Of the 4 we’ve ridden – Maui, Kona, Kauai, and Oahu – I wouldn’t suggest this one as a cycling destination. If you’re here on business or with family, sure, bring the bike and ride. Plan the big miles on Maui or Kona.

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