Win a Madsen, Simple City, more

At the Mobile Social SXSW, we’re giving away schwag, gear, and these bikes

Madsen kg271/BUCKET

A Bicycle for Utility, Cargo and Transportation - Madsen Cycles, built with the bucket option.


Madsen Details

Gary Fisher Simple City

Gary’s take on a Dutch city bike: simple, faster, lighter, and more beautiful.


Simple City Details

But wait there’s more

We’re also giving away a FreeRadical kit “hitchless trailer” to transform a bike into a load- and passenger-hauling sport utility cycle.


FreeRadical Kit Details


Hmm, I may have to send a proxy to SXSW in order to have a shot at these sweet, sweet bikes.

I have a Madsen, I like it.  It hauls four of my kids.  It hauls a lot of other things too. And I met Jared Madsen, great guy, great bike. The GF looks like a great ride too!  I like city bikes lately.  But what I need is that Xtracycle kit!  Too bad SXSW is just too far for practicality.  When you hold a SXSL in Salt lake City, let me know.  That is the home of Madsen Cycles, you know.

The correct link for the FreeRadical kit is actually this.

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