Upgrade Your Bike with EVO

Bottom brackets are like America’s waistline, they keep getting bigger and wider

@sgluckman showed up for Sunday’s Green River Killer ride with some new kit, an EVO BB with K-Force crank. I spotted the massive bearings and he said “…noticed the difference immediately. The bike is zoomier and responsive.” Like a set of fast wheels, EVO is a worthwhile upgrade to consider for your bike. Is it “yet another BB standard?” Sort of, I asked Mark and he replied

BB386EVO is like a BB30 crank with a wider spindle but same Q-factor. It’s a crank that fits BB30 (direct-fit or PressFit) frames with a spacer on each side, but it can also fit regular English-threaded BB with threaded external bearing BB cups. It’s one, light, stiff crank that’ll fit the majority of BB standards out there.

Standards in this industry amount to more than one manufacturer making something. When a mechanic asks if you measured your bars “center to center, inside to inside, or outside to outside,” you’ll know what I mean. EVO gets you a stiffer crank and fits your current bike. The next standard will come along after you’ve worn out the EVO chain rings and you can consider what to do then. For now, if you want a quicker bike, we recommend it. Ask your local bike shop about EVO and the cost. For more on EVO v. BB30, see this comment thread, where I ask Mark who are the assholes changing BB standards all the time?


Standards mean nothing when you have empirical proof that everybody is wrong, by at least one or two millimeters.

That said, I’m adding BB386EVO to the specs of my new road bike. It’s disc and Di2-specific, with a 15mm thru-axle 142mm rear, and 10mm thru-axle, 110mm front. 650B hoops, of course.

Then I’ll slam those wheels into on what automatically becomes the world’s fastest-climbing gravity bike.

@champs YES! My commentary, as you’d expect, is “sure wish you had a larger choice in cranks.” Stiffen up your BB and you’re going to feel it, but I’m no fan of FSA cranks. On this topic, we choose PFBB30 for the new Cross bike. Mark V can explain that choice the best.

Woah - can we get some pics Champs?  I want to feature that build.  What about waiting for Hyrdaulic?

i’m not sure if Champ is serious, but i’m considering a 650B disc bike with PF30. i’m not even joking.

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