Off the beaten path at Interbike - Part 5



When I saw this I instantly thought - there’s a product I need. For any of you who have gone to a race of any sort and had to go from street clothes to chamois and back - you’ve done any number of back-seat duck and covers. Usually this involves a towel, or a changing kilt, or a T-shirt that’s hopefully long enough to cover your junk. Most of the time you’re staggering your times getting dressed so you don’t accidentally get an eyeful of hairy ass, or worse.

The Sqivvy makes perfect sense - just an easy-up “tent” to hop in, and hop out of. The best part - Retail is $90 and you can buy it directly from these guys. I want…I want!


You can get the same thing (only in Green) from Cabela’s for $50. They call it the Outback Porta-Privy. Identical in size and functionality.

Come on!  Is it that terrible to be naked in public for like 10 seconds!  How scared of nudity has this society become!

That’s rather expensive for something with such a narrow purpose.

Here‘s the Cabela’s offering.  It looks considerably more chinzy than the Sqivvy option, but it certainly less expensive.  Reading the comments on Cabela’s site, folding it up appears to be a pain.  The Sqizzy guy did it in a flash.

This might even work for commuters who don’t have a place to change :-)

@Kris - I’m all for a little BA once and a while, but we have run into some overly-free people since there are plenty of kids around the races.

@Ben - for a team to buy one and have 10 guys a race use it for 20 weekends a year it gets pretty cheap.  Just not having to stumble in the back seat is worth it to me.

And if you see a red LED light while in there, smile for the hidden webcam!

Although I wasn’t able to make it to Interbike this year, I our solution is a little easier to use.

dumb.  and useless, unless it has a toilet inside.  otherwise - “drop-trou!” and feel the wind caressing your netherregions people.

come on people - you’d think you might catch a cold if you see someone naked…

If you’ve ever actually given a little bit of your energy to put on a race or help out for a race, you’ll know that this is not just a personal preference issue. There have been many events cancelled for this reason. It’s not for your nether-regions but the little girl cheering on her dad that doesn’t want or have to see your junk. Check out pg 98 of last mths VeloNews and you’ll see that in Belgium, it’s actually illegal to change in public because of “trou-droppers”.

There’s a story about a big stage race in Oregon that was killed because of a racer pooping in front of window where the city and race officials were meeting. A great race was cancelled in the Seattle area because racers decided to just use the high school showers. I’m sure the list goes on. Racers yes do behave like entitled assholes during events. Would this tent thingy help placate an edgy township? Probably. Not throwing your bottles onto their streets for your big finish would help as well.

nice one bud - remember what happens when you “ass-u-me”? 

i have organized and executed countless events over my 20+ yrs in this sport and i do not know of a single event in canada that has been cancelled because someone’s kid caught sight of a racers crotch while they were changing. 

not sure where you live, but i’m guessing its not belgium.  i can understand that belgium would have such a rule as there are races pretty much every single day all over that country - the same cannot be said for most communities in north america.

however, urinating in public…that will get a race cancelled right quick!

@s - Ah Canada…you guys have a monthly naked bike ride through downtown Vancouver if I remember correctly.

Down here in Seattle we aren’t quite so “free swinging”.  There has been one race cancelled that I know public nudity was on the list of reasons for cancellation.  I know we almost lost another where it was mentioned.

At the track - I know of a guy who was suspended for the rest of the season for changing in the infield not fully covered.

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