Maybe It’s Time for Phil to Go On Holiday?

I’m getting a tad bit worried about Phil Liggett. In the last four days of Tour coverage I’ve heard him make more mistakes than in the last four years. I think that perhaps the riders aren’t the only ones affected by the Tour’s heavy-hitting stages. Anyone else noticing this?

In Belgium he’s mentioned that the riders were in France. He’s calling people by the wrong names. The capper was listening him (at the finish after the cobbles) saying (this is a paraphrase) ‘Contador is pulling Wiggins, which isn’t good for his teammate Alberto.’


Phil is unquestionably my favorite thing about professional cycling, so I’m hoping it’s just been a long season for him.


I agree… he has been a bit sloppy. Be interesting if he confuses the Alps with the Pyrenees.

I thought he was about the same last year, too…  I’d rather listen to a slightly off Phil than a well prepped Craig.

Good news everyone!

He maybe just off his game a bit, France/Belgium they all look the same and I remember one Tour when both Phil and Paul and the coverage was just blabber. He does seem to have less favorites this Tour or names that the both of them like to announce so you hear it more often, like Euskatel/Eus ka dee! What got my attention was his insistence that Lance loves the Cobbles, to which I said, “uhm what?” By my count, Lance has raced on cobbles 3 times in his career and was always criticized for focusing so much on the Tour. He wouldn’t take season-ending risks in the Classics.

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