I Wanna Be A Baller


On days when I’m not in the mood to listen to Robbie Ventura jinx riders (to Tyler Farrar: “Well it can’t get any worse.”) I’ve got Europsort on in the background streaming on one monitor while I’m crafting prose on the other. I’m digging listening to the Irish(?) commentator getting pissed off at the Brit’s questions, but what I’m really liking is their commercials.

Here’s Contador trying to look manly in a stunning white tuxedo while pimping shoes. It’s the sort of classic image that’s not found in ads here, sadly.


Those euro ads have boobies too. Mathowie tweeted that the Vs. iPad app has no commercials and even better not rider profiles where Cavs says stupid shit and doesn’t man up to putting Thor into the barriers, which he did and we all know he did. Like, ya know, the rider protest the did over him recently.

Ref Eurosport: The Irish ex-rider that commentates is Sean Kelly see here

.. winner of a quite a few Pro Races in the past and a delight to listen to.

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