Freeman Transport

A reader tipped us to Freeman Transport, hand-built, steel S&S frames:

We are hand-building bikes here in Missoula, Montana. All steel with S and S couplings. The frames break in half and fit into a bag. They can be checked on airplanes with no extra charge. One simple tool to put them back together. Ride to and from the airport. We designed these bikes for leaving the mountains to get some culture and hang with our friends in the city. Right now we are only making fixed gears. No brakes, No cables, No mess. Bikes come with a bag for travel. We’ll also make some product.

Freeman Transport is working in a niche and using blogs and social media to market to it. Very nice.



Well, S&S are 1K alone and if built with Phil Wood and by hand that adds up. Also, I travel with an S&S bike and the couplings and case pay for themselves soon enough when compared to bike fees that have all gone up. Surly does make a production S&S which costs less or the Ritchey Breakaway even.

2.5K apparently gets you the complete bike and the swank case.  is that with custom geometry?  if so, that ain’t bad at all.

this is essentially what my Sycip travel bike is all about, except mine can be converted into a road or touring bike as well.

another thought:  if that case doesn’t have wheels on it, i don’t want it.  i’ve done some serious traveling with a bike and you don’t want a bike case without wheels…trust me.

And our [Modal concept bike]( that I’ve traveled with extensively. The [Modal]( is a travel bike concept that folds and toggles between single, fixed, and geared modes.

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