FiberFix spoke replacement

FiberFix is a product that’s been available for a number of years, but I hadn’t actually seen it used till last week. It uses an aramid cord and a stub spoke (with what reminds me of the block and tackle from a sailboat) to tension the wheel after a spoke have broken.

This rider in particular gets extra point for making this device work on a Campagnolo Neutron Ultra, a wheel that has both flangeless hub and nipples hidden within the rim.




This may be an obvious question, but did the FiberFix do its job? In other words, was the rider actually able to “limp home” with the FiberFix? Was the bike ridable?

I carry one of these around with me on long rides, but I’ve never actually had to use it. It’s always seemed to me that they would be faster/simpler to use than replacing a spoke on the road.


Yes, it did work.  The guy was apparently on a bike trip in Europe, so it kinda saved his ass.

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