Cyclus Ratchet

Cyclus ratchet 1

Here’s the latest addition to my home tool box. I work in a bike shop, so I usually take care of most needs at the shop, but I like to be largely self-sufficient. Yet tools are expensive and I have limited space at home, so I need to be careful with my acquisitions. I just picked up this 3/8” ratchet made by Cyclus. I like the shiny finish and the rubber grip fits my hand just right. I got this tool to drive the external BB cup tool. If you already own a ratchet set, this Cyclus tool is probably superfluous for you, but you can get this one for about $40-45. Distributed by United Bicycle Supply (not the soon to be defunct United Bicycle Products, thank you Crossmechanic for the correction).

Cyclus Ratchet 2

There are cheaper ratchets out there, but after using a Cyclus at the shop for a year, I just really like this one. I pick it up and it’s just right. So, there’s one at the shop that I have access to 24/7 (I do have keys to the shop after all), but I paid my own money (though maybe less than you, since I am the shop buyer) just so I could have one like it at home. Take that for what it’s worth.


Nice wrench but too bad about UBP going under.

Yeah, I’m a little confused by that since they didn’t mention anything about it when I called last week.  I had no idea that that was going on; all I know is that I ordered some tools for me and the shop and the tools appeared a few days later.

Supposedly Feb 1 is the end. It was in BRAIN a few days ago.

Well, crap, where am I gonna get those replacement jaws for the Stein crown race removal tool now?  I have those on back-order from UBP; now I gotta scour the catalogs again.  At least I have my bloody ratchet tool.

Here’s the link:

Are you sure it wasn’t UBS/ you ordered from? Both are in Ashland which is really confusing. UBS is my main tool source. I wrenched as an independent race/event mechanic and UBS is the only distributor that will work with guys like me. They’re good people and ship fast. I’ll be crushed if they go under.

Apparently UBP is being replaced by USC (Unique Sports Company) at

BTW, who names these companies?? Talked about lack of imagination.


you’re right.  To be honest, I recognize the catalog by the dimensions, binding, and the font, but I don’t actually read the front titles.  Plus, in my hometown of Gainesville FL, they name everything after the University of Florida, so there’s a University Book Store (UBS) as well as the official University of Florida Bookstore… I think that there used to be a University Bikes.  I’m sure that there are dozens of cities with this same problem.

I propose a moratorium on naming new bike shops with the first word beginning with the letter “U”.  Unless it was something cool like maybe “Underworld Bikes”, but the owner must never allow the name to be formed into an bland acronym like UWB.  That would merit punishment.

Oh, and speaking of catalog binding, have people seen the new QBP catalog?  Hardbound.  I guess the loose-leave format was hated by everyone else too.

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