Big Butts or Lack Thereof

Asked this on Twitter today and Facebook

Why do women think cycling makes their butts fat?

and the replies came in like this

  • danceralamode: WHAT? Cycling gave me my tight ass! I don’t know who thinks that it makes UR butt fat. That’s just silly.
  • GraphikDeziner: Very true. But all my hard work doesn’t show in 90% of the technical apparell I have
  • kee73 Cycling didn’t make my butt fat but instead actually gave me one where there wasn’t any before! Sa-weet!
  • L. Lisa Lawrence: I happen to like my round girlie cyclist butt. Women are supposed to have butts. Personally I like the fact that cycling rounds it and lifts it up. That looks much better than a flabby flat butt.



Maybe it is due to “Fat Bottomed Girls” and “Bicycle Races” by Queen.  Can’t say I don’t hum that song occasionally while commuting on Dexter, and not in a bad way.

“Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round
Get on your bikes and ride” —Fat Bottemed Girls

“Bicycle races are coming your way
So forget all your duties, oh yeah!
Fat bottomed girls they’ll be riding today
So look out for those beauties, oh yeah!
On your marks get set go ”—Bicycle Races

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