What Bike is This?


by Byron on Jan 05, 2010 at 8:29 AM

We occasionally get “what bike is this” requests and this one is particularity interesting because of the spy-photo quality, giant tires, and it maybe possibly a snapshot from a Magnum PI episode where the criminal is a shorts-shorts wearing, crazy-bike riding thief.


Readers? Astroboy’s been wondering.

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I’d say it’s some version of a Hanebrink all-terrain bike. The currently available (?) one is at   http://www.fortunehanebrink.com/

Excellent. You’re right—see the [follow up tweet](http://twitter.com/astroboy/status/7407677008).

rats!  someone beat me to it! 
those bikes look very cool—i think they are good in the sand and have inverted forks.  lots of motorcycle technology in there

HANEBRINK electric all terrains are now available!

check out the video for a sneak peak at how fun they are on the sand.