Snow Clouds


by Byron on Feb 24, 2011 at 5:52 PM


Took this photo on a ride late yesterday before the snow arrived. Finished the ride with a few flakes falling on me and a few inches on the ground today. Realized when I took the photo that trainer rides would happen over the next few days and statused Facebook with

Would rather get dropped a 1000 times at Seward then ride the trainer.

Seward is our local Thursday night World Championships. I’m just not into the trainer and never have been. I think it’s mostly because I work from a home studio and need to get out of the house. When I ride, I disconnect, and clear my head. I also don’t ride with computers on my bike. I spend about 60 hours a week on the computer and need a break. The last thing I want to do is measure my joules when I’m just riding – racing is another matter. I do like having an iPhone with me and use it for photos and GPS routes. Spin class? Whatever.

I’ve known cyclists that will watch a tour tape and ride a trainer for hours. How about you? Do you hate the trainer or sweat it out for hours on end?

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I’ve never liked riding the trainer and have spent oodles of time and money on getting a crazy winter wear setup, but this year two things changed everything for me.

One, I got a dedicated indoor bike, Cycleops pro 300 trainer (a spin bike with a freewheel instead of fixed, with wattage). It’s awesome to be able to just throw on some shorts and shoes and walk 20ft down the hall to ride. I’ve been doing late night hour long interval workouts and 45min morning spins while I read email/twitter before breakfast and having a nice clean silent bike ready to go 24/7 reduces the mental “friction” of having to suit up, carry a bike upstairs and setup a trainer for a muddy bike. I can go from the couch or bed to the bike in less than two minutes.

The second thing is these new Sufferfest videos ( I’ve never ridden to bike videos before but the samples looked good and I have a small cheap TV hooked up to a new AppleTV in a spare bedroom I threw the trainer in, so I have the perfect setup for these downloadable videos. They are mostly about an hour long and make you do some pretty painful intervals. Each movie leaves me dripping with sweat and satisfyingly exhausted. I’ve bought all the movies and rotating through a different one each of the 2-3 nights a week I do an interval workout has kept things from getting boring. They come with some ok music but I more often listen to my own music on my ipod and just watch the silent screen closely for when the attacks and intervals start/stop.

So those two things together are why I actually enjoy 60min indoor rides these days.

I don’t know how you can train effectively enough to compete at the top level and work with a full time job without riding the trainer…a lot.

Flexible hours. I can ride mid day instead of the trainer at night.

I’m the other way around. I bike purely so I can do tri’s and the trainer is the most convenient way for me to get my workouts in. Totally get what you mean about clearing the head, though. My workouts do that for me regardless of whether I’m indoors or outdoors. I prefer to get my fix from running and swimming… they’re just more convenient in terms of prep in this weather.