Public Bikes Everywhere @ San Francisco


by Byron on Dec 09, 2011 at 9:01 AM

Hello SFO!

On a sunny day in San Francisco spotted this, that, the other and Public Bikes everywhere.

Pake with wood-grain rims and a lived-on patina

Fishing lure green Nishiki

Fuji with a 650cc front

Then I stood at the corner on Market and 3rd and every few minutes, a Public Bike rolled by, like this one.

It’s remarkable to see a city so pwn’d by one bike.

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I think Public bikes are everywhere in SF because their headquarters are quite visibly shown off right in the heart of South Park. There are tons of restaurants and startups in South Park, but even if you’ve got an office somewhere else in SOMA, chances are you’ll eat once or twice a week in South Park and you’ll see the giant hangers of 20 or so public bikes on display in front of their offices (and they also allow you to borrow them for test rides).

So I think it’s location, location, location for how they are getting the word out to their target demographic.

I agree and it struck me because of the traveling and riding I do. The only think like Public in SF is Boris Bikes in London and you see those everywhere too. [Rob Forbes]( joined us on a ride during the Mobile Social and he’s brought that DWR talent to the industry and I’m sure there are shops and companies that have noticed their success in SF. I should interview him about how they did it.