Lance’s Image Fixed


by Byron on Oct 20, 2012 at 8:59 AM

fresco fixed

Image fixed

Lance needs some help with his image, so we hired that Fresco Fixer and this is what she sent back.

“Priceless!” I responded. “Much better.”

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Yeah, well done, now he looks like one of those dirty cheating African-Americans. We all know that people of African origin are lying, cheating, morally corrupt scumbags.

The meme is Monkey Boy Jesus, actually, but people see what they do. The original fresco that was fixed was called Ecco Homo and since renamed to Ecce Mono: Behold the Monkey. That ties in nicely to the New Yorker’s satire of Lance, citing an poorly run chimp farm on his French Villa

I think Lance’s picture would be like that of Dorian Gray - the portrait should act as a reminder of the effect each act of doping has had upon his soul.

Hah! I knew what you meant from the get go… nice! Lance Monkey!

@RANTWICK, good to know you got the joke and it’s a light moment, like a late-night comedy monologue, in an otherwise sad story.