How to make a kid cry, I hate this bike, and more


by Byron on Nov 11, 2008 at 9:00 AM

After all that travel, I’m finally getting caught up in my feed reader and posting the related links. Enjoy.

In this video Criss Angel makes a kid’s bike disapper – while the parents are amazed, the kid is not so happy.

El Chavo posts on LA Eastside about the Problem with Bike Kulture – “why is a form of transportation being elevated to an ideology?” What? Poor people riding bikes bothers you? Or is it the use of K instead of C to spell culture?


“This damn bike! I hate this bike. I hate this freakin’ bike! Stupid bike” – from WikiQuote. I totally forget about that line from the Karate Kid and scene where the Cobra Kais run him off the road. A fan site has even found the location of that egregious incident. Not as good as a pump in your wheel from the bastard Italians, but still good.

It’s the year of the Pink Bike – Mark’s Mini-velo & Women’s Forge Athena-V Comfort Bike in Hope Pink.

Riding Your Bike Can Burn Calories and other smart, doctorly observations are available on the Associated Content network.

RFID for bikes – great, cool, now how ‘bout tubeless tires for commuters, affordable electric assist, or maintenance free drivetrains? Something like really useful; ya know like this device that trips lights.

Small Cog Coffee is a micro-roaster that delivers by bike.


Hat tip to readers gregclimbs, roger – keep sending us those links.

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Wow. What a bad magic trick. You can see they replace the bike with a piece of poll or something to make it look like it’s still under the cloth. It’s amazingly obvious that they pull the bike out when the camera zooms in.

Maybe the kid was crying because the trick was so bad! There are blogs dedicated to Criss Angel’s magic.