Playing a Bicycle Handlebar

Like Zamfir of the handlebar…

This video reminded me of the day the kids played Reynolds 953 tubes.

Junior Hugga

Dogs we’re howling with each tortured note

Little Miss Hugga

Wasn’t really into it. At all.

Of course, Zappa’s appearance on Steve Allen too.

From the Reve Tour: Heidi Sings to Us


Photo: Reve Tour

At dinner last night, read the latest post from Heidi Swift on Peloton Magazine. She’s at Stage 12 of the Reve Tour, facing adversity, and committed to carrying on. It was said around the table that her writing was poetic, moving, and that she doesn’t write, she sings on the page. She does and especially when telling it like it is.

I want to tell you how much parts of today sucked. How one teammate went up the road with a group of Dutchman. How she’s probably mad at us for yesterday: when we all climbed separately and perhaps we should have regrouped after the descent off Glandon. How I cheered for her as I came down from the final climb and she was going up. How she looked straight ahead and said nothing. How four of us made dinner last night together in our apartment and she chose to spend the time somewhere else. How she probably didn’t feel welcome and how, in so many ways, that is probably my fault, though no team leader has ever been clearly designated. How we haven’t talked about this as a group and now there’s silence and tension.

I hope Heidi wins this Tour.

Carbon Crux: Cred in the Cross Scene


The bike I was supposed to race on

It’s been said that every great bike story begins with a mishap. A wrong turn, flat, or in my case a stolen Crux for the Crossbird race. Demo bikes were being used by other media for the earlier B and Women’s race and the 56 with my name on it never came back in. Waited, waited, other bikes in my sizes got claimed and then the mechanics scrambled to get me on another one. Last few minutes before the start, they found one, but the brake was broken. They tried. I tried. The announcer even said, “Bring Byron’s bike back, or the DL in his name will forever stand for DISAPPOINTED LONGING.”

Was this a magazine conspiracy? Payback for Hugga’s social prowess and criticizing their content farms or pay for play? Not sure, but after the start I thought, “damn it, I’m racing this and running a lap.”

So Todd Wells says to me

Hey where’s your bike?

Breathless, whispered reply

Got stolen. Running instead.

Being a rouleur from sea level, running a cross course in July was the worst set of feelings I’ve ever had in a race, but I was motivated by anger and I wanted them Spesh homeboys to know I can thrown down too, bike or not. The crowd seemed to appreciate the effort and I doubled-fisted beers and Belgian waffles. After the podium with Todd, a name I missed, and Ned Overend, I got an honorable mention.

Tubes thick like Stybar’s veins

New Shoes, a Climb, and the Carbon Crux

Alta climb

Climb to Alta

That was a long climb up to Alta to where the pavement stops. I turned around, turned the BOA dial a few clicks, and bombed the descent with a set of carbon clincher Rovals.

Reworked, S-Works shoes

Reworked, S-Works shoe


Roval carbon clinchers

I’ll return to the end of the pavement today on the new, carbon Crux. That road connects to fire roads and back down to the resort.


Tubes as thick as Stybar’s veins

Hutchinson Made in France

From Peloton Magazine, the history, passion, victories, and the technology of an iconic French brand. I met with Hutchinson during Press Camp and will run their tires on the various bike, wheel setups we’ll have in late Summer and Fall.

Tubeless road

Tubeless road

for cross

For Cross

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