Frustrating Convo with Cleverbot about the Bike

A bot that doesn’t know bikes

Had this Frustrating Convo with Cleverbot about the bike this morning.

User: I like to ride bikes.

Cleverbot: You like to ride pigs.

User: No I like to ride bikes.

Cleverbot: I like to watch true blood.

User: Huh, but what about bikes?

Cleverbot: You’re cool.

User: So the bicycle? You know what that is?

Cleverbot: It is subjective.

User: Right. I see. The Giro? Heard of it?

Cleverbot: I live in it.

Cleverbot is a chat bot that runs off of the millions of conversations it’s had with humans. You talk to it and it looks in a database for the best response. Surprisingly Cleverbot has a lack of awareness about the bike and most certainly does NOT live in the Giro.

I suggest you help the bot by talking to it about your bike, where you ride, maybe Bike to Work month too.

Pantone Bikes

Funny cause just last week I mentioned Pantone colors and bikes on G+. Today spot these new bikes from Abici and they’re Italian steel, like the Fondriest.

Spring cyan

Sunflower yellow

Nail polish red

Municipal green

Tip: an enterprising designer/bike shop would have a decal printer in their shop to print a nice sans serif on tubes with the customer name, slogan, or pet project.

Note: the photos we’re big enough to zoom to get the actual Pantone # and name, so I made them up.

Kessel Run on a TT Bike

For Star Wars Day, a Kessel Run poster.

Uploaded by Raid71 | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

The name’s Bianchi….Daniela Bianchi

Actress Daniela Bianchi played Bondgirl Tatiana Romanova in the classic film From Russia With Love. Anyone else notice that she’s wearing celeste?

Trivia Fact: A former runner-up for Miss Universe, the Italian Bianchi’s voice was dubbed over in the film by an English actress.

3254.jpg image from

Huggacast 146: Ride with a Filmmaker

After a screening of With My Own Two Wheels at the Gates Foundation, rode with filmmaker Jacob Seigel-Boettner and talked about how the bike changes people’s lives abroad and in the States.

Delivering medicine in Africa by bike

Jacob’s next project is a documentary about the NorCal High School Cycling League. Expect to get teary at a screening of that that movie too. Watch our ride now on YouTube or download the video file.

Jacob ready to ride

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