Road Bikes Doing Stunts

Enough of this hero v. villain in a corrupt sport, how ‘bout some Road Bikes Doing Stunts! Then ask, why don’t they just do this on BMX bikes? Cause one jump too many and the trick-riding Bro is going get some carbon shards up his ass. HT Stevil.

Pushing the Limits with EE Brakes


EE Brake with burnt cork

Had the Venge out on Saturday and it’s bedazzled with EE Brakes. Learned, as I plummeted down Novelty Hill, that you need to pull them to brake and then pull them some MORE, THEN MORE.

They work well and I like a good modulating brake, but I just hadn’t pushed the bike to the limits yet on a descent that steep. The back side of Novelty into Carnation is as steep as traffic engineers will allow.

Next time will brake earlier and harder. As a roleur, I can descend. So I dropped down Novelty, like I always do chasing the skinny-fawk climbers and

Oh! forgot I had super-lightweight, crazy-machined brakes on this bike … oh, ooh wait, ok, now under control, whoa!

On a longer descent, there would’ve been more time to adjust, shift my weight, and sit up straight to scrub speed with my chest. The brakes didn’t let me down, I just didn’t have time to grab more of them before that first turn and the suicide intersection at the bottom. As new new brit friend said in a thick accent

Smelled your brakes down the whole hill. A very distinctive smell.

After Cross season and riding in Maui, it took a while for my muscle memory to remember the road yesterday with fast pace lines and tempo climbing, but once they did, it was all good.



Strava gave the route and effort a suffer score of 100. Don’t know what that means, other than, I was thinking about Taco Time’s new sweet potato Mexi-Fries around mile 50.

Double the MoSo

Announced yesterday that we’ve added a second date to our Mobile Socials at SXSW. We’re riding social twice. The first ride is on Saturday with Tweet House and arrives at Mellow Johnnys. The second is on Sunday and that’s around Austin with Social Cycling ATX and Tern.


For 5 years, +Bike Hugger has represented the intersection of bikes, technology and culture at SXSW. You’re welcome to join us for our annual social ride(s) with SXSW attendees and locals.

We’ll ride, blog, and party.

Event Details are here and on Facebook please RSVP.

Meet Spot, Route

The meet spot and route are subject to change. Watch for updates from us as the dates get closer.

Bianchi Socks Appeal

You know, I really like socks. An ex-girlfriend said that I was overly obsessed, because I really don’t like the feeling of leaving the house without socks. But who does? Anyways, I came across this photo, and it really caught my eye, seeing as it portrays Bianchi bikes and socks with girls, which are two of my favourite subjects. If you prefer socks with guys, well….if that’s how your gear shifts, whatevs….I just happen to like socks with girls.

Bianchi socks

From Shamanx

Political Bike Satire

We wear kit and plain-clothes, depending on the ride

Pfftt! whatever to Velo Couture, Cycle Chic, and other stereotypes from @bikeyface. She wears what she wants. She also calls out the cycling creepers taking photos of women on bikes and how they use those images to further their own, self-centered, euro-centric agendas.

Erect baguette is a nice touch

Thanks for that dose of Political Bike Satire. Please may we have another. This time with tweed?

Illustrations by Bikeyface. Originals on Flickr. Posted on her blog too.

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