You want this kid’s bike!


Ever notice how Lady Fortune has a brutal sense of humour? I’m at the Lapierre Cycles presentation. Seattle Bike Supply and Lapierre had a raffle for a Lapierre X.Lite cyclocross frameset, and who wins it? This little kid named Reuben (see picture left). Yes, of course, Reuben’s dad is the real lucky one, but I’m still ticked that he used his kid to win. I mean, I thought I was clever using my girlfriend’s ticket to improve my odds but clearly I was outsmarted. Next time I’ll need to bring in a daycare center or some homeless people to get more raffle tickets in my hands. Don’t I deserve swag?


Hey Mark,

Sorry that Ruben’s mojo was more powerful than your girlfriend’s!  Actually, my wife is the lucky one.  She will be racing the LaPierre for the 2008 cross season.

You see, I am already busy taking it to eleven with several Unicorns, a Falcon and a mysterious Grand Master from Portland racing my Vanilla Speedvagen in the Single Speed division.

See you out on the road (or trails).



let us know how the LaPeirre rides!

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