You know what’s the best?

Riding to work on a day like today. Seattle had a huge storm last night. Today’s drive into Seattle took forever because the bridge was closed. As I made my way into work I could gauge my progress in the bike lane against cars struggling to make it through unlit traffic lights. I’m pretty sure I made it to the office 20 minutes faster than had I driven. That’s the best.


I have always takin note of this.
It is the best.

When I worked in Redmond, I’d cross I-90 and occasionally yell at the drivers in a mocking way, like, “get out of your cars.” I’m happy to be in Maui now, but we were not “lovin’ it” yesterday and it was a stressul decision to go or not when our city had no lights. Up today, the first of 7 days and 7 rides. On that, Maui is about as car culture as you can get, but the do have “some” bike lanes.

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