What is a Mobile Social?

Announcing the Mobile Social Interbike (and the other ones we do), we get asked, “so what is a mobile social? I don’t get it.” Well neither do we, we’re just making shit up all the time and hoping to get paid!

OK, joking, joking – the Mobile Socials are an intersection of bikes, technology, and culture. We ride, talk bikes, blog, party, and give away product. The event offers no douchebaggery or lameness, but is for like-minded cycling fans of all types to get together and talk about bikes.

Technically, it’s a social media marketing event targeting an enthusiastic niche audience with lifestyle branding, but it’s just not our style to talk big with those sorts of mumbo jumbo words. As Brian Oberkirch describe them, “it’s a coffee klatch on bikes, an excuse to get together” with your buddies and geek out.

Sponsors underwrite the event and provide the product and scwhag we give away.

Questions? Hit me in the comments. This is what Mobile Socials look like – check the video here.


So when is the Seattle Mobile Social?


After Interbike, we’re going back to Austin for SXSW (sponsors contact us now for that) and then Portland for Webvisions. We don’t have Seattle planned yet, but it’s in discussion

Looks like we’re coming back to Portland . . .

Will anyone be riding a tandem with an empty stoker seat? I’ll be there, but with no bike to ride (they’re not leaving the booth). This sounds like a great event and an awesome chance to talk bikes with other industry folk.


Show up at the start and I bet you can get a ride either on an Xtracycle or the pegs of a bmx bike! You don’t have to ride to attend though.

Carlos from realgeeksride.com will be there! This looks great, I can’t wait to be a part of it.

Seems like the perfect niche to get into :-)

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