Vote with your Bike

A pro-vote/bike/Obama message from Mission Bicycle with Monkey Lectric and filmmaker Luis Peña. As a bike shop, Mission doesn’t have to adhere to any equal time rules and make a Republican version of this short, but if they did, we’d run that too.


Marketing.  You’re doing it wrong.  You just turned off 50% of the country.  Either side you come down on, this is just bad marketing.

Something they believe it and very well done. I’d have focused it on the bike, but it was there movie.

@Todd Morris. My guess is that we did not turn off 50% of people who use a bike as transportation. I’ll bet you $5 that of those that choose a bicycle when they could use a car to get around town (our customers) and who will be voting for Obama is higher than 50%.

But no doubt some of our fans will be turned off. It’s a risk that we thought long and hard about. In the end, we decided to take a position. All of us on staff feel strongly about this election and we wanted to do something to show our support.

Conventional wisdom informs us that companies should always remain neutral so that they don’t loose a single customer. That if they have a position they should keep it to themselves. We’re not a conventional company and there are times when we make difficult decisions to do what feels right (for us) over making a buck.

We hope that Republicans and Democrats alike will ride more and drive less. We treat our conservative Republican customers with the same VIP respect we treat all of our customers.  .... and, for many reasons, we hope you’ll vote for Obama.

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