Ultremo Destructo

Pam isn’t sure what she hit, it was in a shallow puddle, but boom it destroyed a rim and tire. The Ultremo, while mortally injured, did its job and got her home. Lesser tires would’ve required a call for roadside assistance. There’s no booting a gash that big.


See the rest of the photos here.


I have been considering these tires.  The only question was durability for me.  I am very pleased at how this one performed.  Great post.

Definitely impressed and those aren’t “rain” commuter or training tires. We had them on Pam’s Pink Bike for a test. That’s a racing tire and it help up.

Yeah, that Vectran stuff is pretty bad arse.

I have 35c Marathon Supremes. At least 1500kms of glass and nails and twigs and who knows what else. No hassles - other than occasionally pulling shards of glass out of them. Like the Schwalbe guys say, just superglue the gashes back up and off you go.

That Ultremo’s a bit beyond Tarzan Grip, however…

how timely… i walked my bike home today after getting two flats simultaneously on my ride home (ssf to sf on tunnel ave).

I picked up a set of the Ultremo DD’s with the extra flat protection for early season races.  They have been great tires.

I was trying to decide between the Ultremo R.1 and Rubino Pro tires—but now I’m holding out to try the new Bontrager R4 tires.  175g for 700x25 with flat protection—almost sounds too good to be true.  Hope it isn’t!

The tire got Pam home and they Ultremo’s are remarkable. Totally cut up and don’t go flat. A staple will go through them, like any other tire and I’ve had that happen. For reference, you can’t train or commute on the Michelin Pro 3s. They just don’t withstand the urban conditions with glass and debris.

Honestly, so many people are fans of the ubiquitous Pro Race 3s but IMO they are not suited for anything other than racing on tarmac roads that have been groomed of debris.

People on those things seem to flat out regularly and never learn.

I’m happy with the Hutchinson Fusion 2 Kevlar tires I’ve been able to steadily find for cheap.

Agreed. Worse are Specialized racing tire. I’ve returned to tubulars for racing with the Stinger 60s I’m running.

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