Total Euro Style

With Cipo in the news, including the whole King of Pants thing, Frank of TDFblog, sent me this link to the (official) euro cycling code of conduct. Cipo has apparently signed with Rock & Republic, and will only be racing in the US, which does suffer from a shortage of men confident enough to wear anything totally euro.


Besides all the women in the States, those of us with white booties, Assos kits, and Cipo Man Crushes are as excited to see him race, as 9-yr olds with Hannah Montana tickets. I know I’ll line up and crush the barriers, just like at the Interbike Crit.

Anybody else with Euro cycling fashion sins to confess? Like, “ridiculously stylish eye wear is to be worn at all time without exception.” Or absolutely “no black socks!” Or a dangly chain with a full unzipped jersey.

How Euro are you?


I habitually oil my legs for races if it’s wet and/or windy.  Is that euro, or just racer-chic?

I think euro—I always wear a cycling cap, not a doo-rag, no matter what. And remember how good Indurain looked with his perched high atop his head.

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