Time to get Wet

Wet Cargonistas While Byron globetrots, the rest of us are here in Seattle are in what we call the “rainy season(s)”. Late September through more or less May is WET. It’s worth bringing back Byron’s post on Riding in the Rain.


There’s a non rainy season?

Right…I forgot - we’re supposed to tell the world it rains here 365.  We’ve got enough Californians as it is.

Hasn’t rained on us during rides yet in Europe! I’ll have updates to that post with new gear, what we’re wearing and so on—also don’t forget your buddy flaps. Only the locals know there’s a rainy season in Seattle, but that’s why we last here for the handful of beautiful days.

Your article is quite good, but it tends toward the “stay dry” approach. I’ve never found that to work, even with full fenders, while out for more than an hour or so. I experimented with breathable, waterproof, fabrics and found them to be nowhere near breathable enough and waterproof only for a limited time.

I have found wool, wool and more wool is the way to go. Thick wool knee high socks, wool knickers (urban style or made from wool pants for less than 50 miles, technical tights with a chamois for longer), a wool top layer or two (I wear mine over an UnderAmour T), and a wool cycling cap. My gloves tend to be a shell or softshell material. I do tend to run hot and I’ve not tried things like the EVent fabric that are supposed to be more breathable.


The point about carrying an extra layer for when you stop, or at least making sure you stay warm, is important. That is actually the main thing I use my cycling shell for.

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