Thongs and Cross

Quite possibly the best video ever made … at least for cross racers

and that completes our thong coverage for the year, which began with Thong Boy at Le Tour.


Hmmm….what’s it say about me as a red-blooded American male that I kept wishing the dancin’ queens would exist the screen so I could watch more cross footage?

Have you seen any of my CX videos? They are getting better and better as I continue to strengthen my KONGFU!!!!!!!!!!! 

If you find any videos of mine you like, please feel free to post and help the cause by spreading the word for me!

Thanks, Mike.

Link one up dude. Let’s see if your fu is strong.

Go to my BLOG at,

You can watch the one thats there, or click the link thats off to the side and it will take you to REVVER(where the videos are hosted @)

Its LIGGER style FU!!!  Thanks man…. Mike

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