The Sprocket Pocket for the iPad

Depending on where you are on the geek/nerd spectrum you’re either going to consider this an incredible waste of time or one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen.

I know which side I’m on, I just wish I could sew.



how about signalling before turning… or in a way that incoming traffic can see?

Yup, the film shows the early alpha (that means it was about 10 am after spending the night designing and building it and then getting our hands on one of the first iPads in the city by standing in line at the opening.

Once we actually had one in hand, we were able to start modifying things.

The newest test version lets you signal ahead of time and it latches and continues to signal (and gives you an audio feedback so you know the “turn signal” is on) for a while until you make the turn. Same with your intent to stop.

This was all in good fun and a way to get out of working too hard on a Friday afternoon.

We’ve been toying with using a separate iPhone on your handlebars to give you a touch screen turn signal control that communicates via bluetooth to your back too! Sorry this is so silly geeky, but we all love to bike and have just been having fun with the new iPad.

Here you can see how I put my Ipad on the bike

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