The Sky Fell Down in Seattle

I’m in Vegas and just now getting reports of the deluge and flooding in Seattle. Anyone ride in that?

Photos from the West Seattle Blog.


Yeah, it was pretty miserable. But I got to test my new rain jacket, which worked just fine, and gloves, which didn’t. And then when I got to work I had a message waiting from my wife that the crawlspace was flooded and the furnace was gurgling, so I turned around and came back home.

I’ve gotten wetter on rides, but not by much. Even so, I still don’t regret getting rid of my car in favor of an Xtracycle. It’s just water.

Oh I so rode that. What Josh said—rain jacket worked fine, gloves not so much. I always tell folks riding in the rain is not nearly as bad as it looks from a car. Today as one of the first times I though—yep, this looks just like it does when I’m driving on the freeway.

Harbor Ave SW was under three inches of water from Salty’s to Active Space and E. Marginal was its usual miserable self. The Xtracycle performed admirably and my commute time was half that of friends and neighbors who went by car. I had a big, stupid grin on my face as I passed people sitting in traffic.

“It’s just water”.

On Friday I got Trucked. A truck coming the other ways hit the very large puddle, drenched me with a wall of dirty water, I then hit the pot-hole hidden in the large puddle and took a big fall.

Two broken ribs, hair-line fracture in my right elbow and a twisted knee. And nobody stopped. This was in the rush hour. I had to call my own ambulance and arrange transport for my bike.

Commuting in the UK is tough.

Thanks all you hearty commuters and Big Black Shed, very sorry to hear about your crash. I’m in the UK tomorrow and will take care. I’ve also been trucked, but didn’t crash.

I suppose you didn’t get the truck plates and all and good you weren’t more seriously hurt. How’s the bike?

I rode the fixed gear home last night.  There were a couple closed roads to work around, and some axle deep puddles, but nothing un-manageable.  One nice point - the “creek” that turned into a lake during the day did a nice job of washing all the leaves off the trail in Lake Forest Park :).

Well, duh - I had places to be! Saturday and Sunday were partially frozen, and I would much rather be on a bike than in a car.  Several tons of mass on ice is a terribly dangerous liability, and on the bike, if it gets too slippery, I go down.  Then I get up.  Then I keep going.  No wrapping around poles, no getting stuck in a ditch, no plowing into oncoming traffic or groups of pedestrians. The slush on Sunday was a bit of a challenge, and my hands got cold, along with everyone else’s.  Monday was fun, too: at one point I had to traverse about 20 yards of fast running water.  I had thought it was about 8” deep, but my hubs were submerged for most of it.  For future reference, the Sturmey Archer generator hubs rule - my lights were still on when I emerged.  Love it!

I learned my lesson three weeks ago on a wet and windy monday morning…no point in risking traffic on a day like yesterday.  I did manage to get out over the weekend in the snow/slush with my Lab and my in-law’s Weimaraner.  Had them both on a long leash towing me around Greenlake both Saturday and Sunday.  Nice two-dog open sleigh with ‘cross tires on the singlespeed. 

This boy loves to pull…


Rode in and out of Seattle… managed to keep the rain off with the jacket i had, some adidas thing, that wound up getting trashed when I put it in the washer yesterday. Downtown Seattle looked OK, and quite a few Bicycle commuters from Bainbridge as well, of course when I got up the road and found the road closed (water) it was fun getting up and down those hills in the dark, and rain, and wind… but whats the saying, “if you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t ride”…

I rode in it, but being that most of my route is 130’ ASL, I didn’t experience any difficulties.  It was kinda fun, considering most of the autos were driving WAY slower than usual…


Bent cage on one pedal, I use one sided SPD’s with a flat cage on the other, ripped handlebar grip and a little scuff in the saddle. I was amazed there wasn’t any more damage to my bike. I will say Kona make bomb proof bikes.

Dr Dew’s must be self healing!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t get the plate of the truck. I was more worried about not getting hit by the other traffic.

So, this is as good a reason as any to upgrade the pedals to some egg-beaters I’ve had my eye on. And a new pair of grips. Some positives I suppose. Plus I won’t be back to work until the New Year!!!!!!!!

Monday was wet. I love my neoprene fishing gloves for days like that. No more wet hands. The zipper on my neoprene booties broke so now I need to look for a new set; these are 20 years old.

I did come back home early as our 70 year old oil tank is taking in water so no heat. Time to replace the tank…

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