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Cyclists Ride for the Right to Bike Lanes - Seattle Times

Mayor Greg Nickels said Wednesday he intends to triple the city’s bike lanes, but they’re not the answer for every location, and the Stone Way decision will be re-evaluated in six months.

Also Wednesday, the city announced that a closed stretch of the Burke-Gilman at the Fremont Bridge will reopen this month, instead of being blocked by a private construction project through mid-2008.


I’m keeping track of photos and media/blog coverage here, too.

Thanks Josh. We couldn’t make the ride.

I’ve heard a lot of the locals in my office complaining about the event for the distraction it caused.  My issue is that none of them, including the guy who RIDES THAT ROUTE HOME knew what the whole thing was about.  It seems like the papers had similar confusions about point of the protest.

If it continues, I hope it gets a little more targetted.  How about camping out on the curb and chaulking in our own bike lane for a day?

Having been in that ride (and also commuting the route daily) I can say that distraction was the point. We rode legally, as traffic, trying to make the point that simply throwing bikes into the same lane as automobiles(thanks for nothing sharrows) on the uphill climb makes no sense, especially when you add in the confusion caused by the two lanes of traffic squeezing into one once you get past 40th. Downhill when you can travel at the same speed as cars is a different ball game, and the sharrows are appropriate.

Of course the bigger issue wasn’t just the 6 block section sans-bike lane, but rather that if the city was going to back down from their “Bicycle Master Plan” the very first time anybody raised a fuss, then what hope do we have that the biking situation will really improve. So there you go, that was what it was all about.

wouldn’t be too hard to make a giant paper sharrow and burn it!

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