Stem Stubs

I wasn’t having that much stem stub and requested an urgent removal. Later, an informal study at the race on Sunday found many varying degrees of stem stubs. How much stem stub do you tolerate? Mark noted that there were anti-anxiety medications for worrying about stem stubs.

Also, green bar tape, while the subject of ridicule from your racing bros, does work well on St. Pat’s day.

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Stem Stubs are allowed until April 1.  Racers with new bikes need to figure out just how their bike should fit, where the spacer height needs to be, etc.  After April 1, ridicule is the appropriate response.

Right, right—thats sorta like, no white pumps after labor day for women or at least in downtown Seattle, the arrival of Capri pants when it stops raining.

1/2” for me. some stems have weird clamps.

I.E. swapping a Titec Big AL for a lighter Easton.

That’s way too much stub.  You’re allowed 10-15mm or half of the actual spacer stack height, whichever is greater.

It’s set up now with 10 for that stem and 5 to play with. BTW, that Deda bar stem combination is outstanding.

What model bar stem is that?

I’m zero stub kinda guy.  That said, I’ve got 15mm that’s been showing on my Salsa El Mariachi since I got it in November.  My excuse is that I’m waiting for a very specific, low stack headset to become available and don’t want to jump the gun.

if you’ve got a carbon steerer, you ought to have 2-5mm of steerer above the stem unless you have some sort of glue-in insert. carbon steerers squish a little, so you want the stem to get a good grip top to bottom.

also remember that stems vary in stack height. most quality forged or CNC-ed stems have aobut 40mm of stack, though some may have as little as 34mm.  welded stems typically have more, sometimes as much as 52mm. 

so before you get happy with a hacksaw, think real hard about how much steerer you need to remove today, because you can never add on to it tomorrow.

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