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Ghostcycle Reducing bicycle-car collisions is the 2nd most popular Soundoff discussion on the Seattle PI today. The discussion follows the release of Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan and a front page article stating that 900 riders have been injured in Seattle and 5 killed.

In the discussion you’ll find the standard arguments that cars are entitled to the road, cyclists must obey the laws, and pretty much drivers are idiots and cyclists are idiots. While, as huggers, we defer to the drivers are idiots view, I think the plan addresses much of the dangers for cyclists and cars in Seattle. Those dangers are demonstrated very well by Ghost Cycle, including a death that was close to Bike Hugger earlier this year.

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Another thing you’ll find in that particular discussion is some sociopath gloating about how good it felt to hit a cyclist with his car. Lovely.


I read that comment and fired off this post. I don’t think we’ll ever change car culture, but certainly can co-exist better with bike lanes, road diets, wayfinding, and more.

I just found your website and am enthuses about the topic above. I know that my question is not about the above blog but, I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites or articles pertaining to riding your bike and the positive effects that it has on the environment. i am writing a paper for a college report and would like some research references. Thank you for reading and be safe, watch for cars and ride hard!!!
jeremy (fellow rider)

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