Saddle Thieves in Seattle

Word has gotten back to me from several sources that riders are getting their Brooks saddles stolen from their parked bikes in Seattle, particularly from downtown. Suspiciously coinciding with this spree of saddle swiping, a couple of guys had earlier approached our shop hawking used Brooks. My boss turned them away, but in retrospect it would have been nice to have snapped a picture. Without the picture, the description is mainly limited to “scuzzy looking white guys”. Whether or not these guys are the culprits, someone is stealing Brooks in broad daylight in a calculated m.o. Keep an eye out.

Brooks Saddle: An Appreciation


Huh so one tweaker says to another, “this are worth something” and is then selling them to pawn shops, bike shops?

My Brooks saddle was just stolen in San Francisco in broad daylight. Next time: better security measures.

Is it for the copper rivets? What?

It seems to be a growing problem everywhere, i had a lovely brooks stolen from my bike- i’d owned it from new and had worn it in with my very own backside. I have replaced it but now chain the seat to the bike- looks ugly but better than losing the seat.

Had mine stolen outside Urban Bakery in Green Lake last weekend. I work at a coffee shop in the area and am forced to lock my bike right by a bus stop for several hours. Someone cut the lock I had running through the saddle and brazenly made off with it in broad daylight. Sigh, it certainly was disappointing to work all day when it was beautiful out then be faced with the long, uncomfortable ride home on my back rack. But now I will toil away at work with opened eyes and my can of mace in anticipation. . .

Some saddles have been retrieved in Seattle. See this from Cascade’s forums:

Super cool, thanks for the info, gonna shoot them an email!

They have my saddle. Tits.

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