Road/MTB 10sp Shimano Incompatibility Issues

big ass cassette.jpgOver the past month I’ve been experimenting with different wide-range 10sp cassettes and rear derailleurs with SRAM and Shimano road shifters. I’m still not done with all the combinations, but as a preliminary warning to those riders and shops looking to use wide-range (ie 11-32, 11-34, 11-36, and 12-36 ten-speed cassettes) with Shimano road STI, you CANNOT use the new 10sp Shimano MTB rear derailleurs with road STI. Shimano 10sp road shifters will work fine on those new 10sp wide-range cassettes if you use 9sp Shimano MTB derailleurs, however.

The new 10sp Shimano mtb derailleurs need more cable per derailleur movement than previous designs and require the matching 10sp MTB shifters.


Some people complain about life not having an instruction manual, i complain about life not having a GIANT compatibility chart. we’ve all bought shiny new somethings only to get them home, installed and THEN find out it does not play well with others.

so cable pull ratio is yet another area where Shimano is me-too’ing a SRAM design.

To me SRAM is hands down the most innovative component maker these days.

Di2’s nothing new, Shadow geometry is ho-hum, but adjusting cable-pull ratio is fresh and exciting stuff? It’s not even the same 1:1 ratio as SRAM.

Not that I’m a Shimano diehard (I’m the last guy to get involved in component manufacturer holy wars), but your statement puzzles me.

These two can duke it out meanwhile where is Campy?

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