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That time of year again, when cyclists ride inside. I’m terrible at trainer discipline and will attempt to ride in most weather, but in some climates a cyclist has no choice.

What do you do to stay in shape? Trainer, rollers or maybe some brisk calisthenics and medicine balls?

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wife uses the stationary trainer while i spin furiously on my rollers when it gets too cold. or dark.

i really need more resistant drums.

Note that’s not me in the photo—it’s [Joel Price](http://www.flickr.com/photos/joelbolt/) and I teased him for working out in front of a full-length mirror.

I’ve trained indoors with dudes that would spin like crazy MOFOs (if you’ve seen Eddy Merckx do it that old movie, they’d tried to emulate that). Problem is that’s great for your spin and does nothing for your power or strength. Computrainer and Tackx have drastically changed what you can do inside and I don’t train for more than 45 mins to an hour—terrible discipline and my butt goes numb.

I know cyclists that’ll watch a whole tour tape on the trainer spinning away. What’s remarkable about the Tackx is it has “road feel” an momentum, v. the old wind trainers and fluid trainers that had you turning squares.

Watch all the movies I missed while outside. Go snowshoeing, running in the rain, long walks w/ the dog. Going to try crosscountry skiing this year.

lol I’m kind of embarrassed to say I live in San Diego. It’s not so much the weather that bringing me indoors this time of the year it’s the lack of sunlight. However, I’ll be doing some training in the weight room this winter as well.

I try avoiding the trainer as much as possible.  I think it’s good to get some cross training in.  I hate running but hiking or cross country skiing are a fun break and easier to stay warm than on the bike.  We also have the Manitou Incline with 2,000 vertical in a mile to make sure we don’t get soft. 

I’ll also go to the gym and do the stair machine.  Not the stepper type but the going up the down escalator that will drop you on the floor if you don’t keep up.  Having people around is a good motivator for me.

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