Reports from the Traffic Apocalypse

From what I’m hearing, the traffic, it’s not so bad. But remember it’s just getting started …

“The bike commute was about 2x as crowded as usual but not a hindrance at all. I did notice light auto traffic the entire way from the lower bridge to Pike Place, so if you all get stuck in future days during “The Clog” you may want to consider the Avalon/lower bridge/Pike Place route.”

How goes your commute?


It’s been great to see more bikes on the road the last few days.  I just hope that people that are trying alternatives for the first time stick with it when the construction is done.  Also, have you heard about the “Bike Bus” leaves too late for me but might be fun for others.  Check it out: <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”><a href=“” rel=“nofollow”></a></a>

I think I may have run accross the bike bus this morning. There were several riders stopped on the trail and one in a bike alliance shirt said “hey, we lost the back of the bus!” to his fellow riders.. didn’t sound good.

I was in a bit of a hurry after missing the elliott bay water taxi by one minute so I didn’t stick around to hear more.  By the way - the water taxi waits for no one.

I’d have to say, “Too much, the Magic Bus!”

I’ve been using both the Sounder and Interurban in the Auburn/Kent area; the train is crazy-busy, while the trail is only slightly busier.

I rode home yesterday by way of I-90 to Kirkland rather than just heading North to Bothell.  Probably a mistake.  All of downtown was a crush of frustrated drivers going no-where.  I’ve never had so many near-misses on the 2nd Ave bike lane. 

Buses were PACKED all the way down 2nd, and there were at least 20 bikes down in the Intl District waiting to hop on a bus to head across the lake.  All that - and there wasn’t even a Mariners Game!

Coverage in the Seattle Times.

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