Recording the Tour of California

Has anyone actually recorded and watched the Tour of California? OLN/Versus/Golf the Rodeo Channel or whatever they call themselves has the most maddening schedule, or lack thereof. I don’t understand how you can operate a channel with a fluid schedule and I dislike rodeo even more, when I expect to see Levi riding a breakaway into the ground and instead see a cowboy falling of a cow!

I’ve set and reset the dvr repeatedly and it never records and the TOC isn’t there. I found the time trail last night by chance. Maybe their channel codes are messed up or something.


I got burned by this “undocumented software feature” when trying to DVR using my Comcast set-top box.

I set the DVR to record the first two stages indivdually, but then I thought I was getting ahead of the game by setting the box to “Record Series”, to catch every 8 p.m. episode during the week.  When Stage 2 did not record, I surmised that because the programs are listed in the online listings as “Repeat”, the “Record Series” program logic skips it as it believes that you’ve already seen it.

I’ve since reverted to setting the box to record each individual episode.

Damn, that’s a good tip—let’s see if it works. I’ve also got their Golf/Versus HD channel lined up to record.

3 words:


Smarter than your average DVR apparently :)

Or Apple’s iTV

Guess I’m a Luddite here. Set the old Sanyo VCR to “tape” several stages that aired after 11 here on the East Coast, including the Way to San Jose and Bettini’s first in the U.S.

As to Versus, I don’t get it either, but at least someone is airing bike racing!

John’s tip worked!

I just have my Tivo set up to record anything labeled “Cycling” on Vs and it picked up the whole race fine.  I also set it to record an extra hour.  Nothing will annoy me more than having the end of the race cut off because some hockey game ran into the cycling time slot.

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