Recommend a Bike Bag

New photos from the Recommend a Bike Bag group pool on Flickr include this Chrome Bag from jkaizo

Bilobicles latest

Bilobicles Bag

and some Velocouture from Jan Beeldrijk

180 Brompton & Michel

We’ve accumulated many bags; at least enough to match each bike we own and type of riding. Our fav is the Hugga Bag, of course.

How about you? What’s your fav bag these days?

More from the Bike Hugger Photostream.


I’ve got an Ortleib waterproof backback that’s pretty good.  Keeps stuff dry during the wet Seattle winter.

How about shameless self-promotion?

My favorite bag is the one I made the other day.

Tom Bihn Medium Cafe Bag with optional waist strap!!

Velo Transit does handmade bags in Washington state… I bought one at the Seattle Bike Expo, and it’s held up GREAT.

I switch between Crumpler messenger and backpacks and also have been using a “mini pack” for hot days. I took there hydration bag and removed the bladder so it’s just a small bag on my back with a vest, shorts, etc. Worked very well.

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