Polar / Look Power Pedals

Polar and Look have worked together to announce a new Power meter that measures wattage at the pedal and speaks with the Polar head unit. From what I can tell, it’s not ANT+ (sad), but they we should hear more as it’s formally announced at Eurobike. It seems that these two big companies may get to market before Metrigear that was the talk of Interbike for 2009.


This is really exciting for someone like me who can’t afford one of the currently available power systems. This is likely going to be cheaper, and if not, at least a lot more convenient. I simply can’t believe they are not making this ANT+ compatible. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Polar also didn’t offer a mac app either for years. Licensing? Investing in their own tech? Not sure.

Speaking of vaporous products: when can I get a Pedro’s Tulio? The promise of a convenient multi-tool that doesn’t take up space in a jersey pocket or wedge bag has not been delivered.

The moral of the story: if you come up with a good idea, then spend a year “testing” the product without going beta to the public, all the while writing blog posts that are heavy on Mathematica and Matlab graphs, but low on product shots showing the pedal in action, and can’t even decide what pedal spindle you’re going to base your product upon…

This is what happens.

Well, this LOOK based meter is <strong>two</em> grand. I’ll hold out (hope) for the one that keeps me in Speedplay and costs half as much.

Makes me wish Apple would just make their bike computer and be done with it.

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