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p>BikingParis.jpgBikes make frequent appearances on the Sartorialist, and this, to me, is the epitome of urban cycling: riding to work comfortably in business attire with briefcase and umbrella slung nonchalantly over the handlebars.


That was sort of me this morning.  No brief-case or umbrella, but I was drilling it to catch the bus while wearing work clothes.  Nothing says “professional” like chords, a button-down, and Shimano Road Shoes with Carbon soles.

Hear hear! I have to admit wearing quite a bit of cycling apparel, especially this afternoon (in the rain), but it’s still jeans and my work shoes all the way in and all the way home. I’m sure a wool sport jacket (afterall, why are they called sport jackets if you can’t wear them for sport!) would have gone well too but I was wearing a differnt kind of soft shell.

Most mornings I’m shirt and tie on my ‘74 Schwinn Speedster 3 speed. It’s one thing I like about the drier winter days here in Balto - I can wear the work clothes and not deal with hauling them back and forth.

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