Mobile Apps for Cyclists

With the blogosphere and news media abuzz about the next iPhone, MobileMe (your mac online), and more mobile apps, we were wondering here at Hugga HQ what apps cyclists would want on their iPhones?

  • Location-aware rides and routes
  • alert me if the toll bridge is up!
  • Dock my phone and get all my stats.

We’ve discussed this, in part, before and we’re thinking about again with the steady flow of iPhones apps expected.

What do you think is cool, would work for you?


How about using GPS to give me the stats of my route….mileage, avg speed, time, etc.

Or, how about an app that overlays bike lanes and trails onto Google maps

Here’s a fun one, how about an app that tracks the price of gas and tells me how much I save each day as it tracks my mileage on my bike.

besides a training diary…. a wish list.

Without Ant+Sport… I think it’ll be a bit of a push to get power meter readings, cadence and HR. But a general exercise tracker would be great. If they move Nike+ to Ant+Sport that would be amazing.

I’d like an audible stopwatch app that would either beep every five minutes or (even better) read out my mileage every five minutes so I can know what time I’m making, and then graph it out long term.

Also a fun app would be a bike-tracker, where every biker with an iphone who opted in could show up as a (non-personally-identifiable) dot on a city map when they’re riding, which would help highlight bike density.  Then a central site could bring up maps and graphs over time to show which routes bikers are taking and how ridership (or at least ridership with an iphone) is changing.

a native app for mapmyride routes or motionbased would be great.  agreed with already stated bike route overlays on googlemaps, training diary, etc..

Wow, I love all these ideas. This would be the kind of app I’d actually be interested in writing…

dunno about iphone, but a lot of what people are asking for is already available with many nokia phones (those running s60 at least) - i use sportstracker with a cheapy gps i bought off ebay and use it for tracking routes all the time - works great with google earth as well

e.g. - heres my daily commute

GPS with real time updates on events and traffic would rock. Phone calls, texts, e-mails and even music (ear buds) might be a source of concern though.

Route finding that takes elevation into account. Or, if that’s too much, just elevation profiles for any given route.

Will Boyd said it: Google map overlays. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself—I was riding Sunday and wishing that I had a a Google map with all the trails and lanes in Boulder.

Map layover is it! I don’t know if there’s enough real estate, but if you had map layover, plus where your brohams were, that’d rule.

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