Meeting Gary Fisher by chance

“Ah, nothing’s to chance,” Gary Fisher said and we talked briefly about the Simple City, the bike revolution, politics, his travels, and more. We met at the Vegas Airport. He just finished his meal and we were getting ours.


I hope we can talk more with Gary. We had a lot in common and I think more than just chance.


Byron, that must have been the hot seat.  I came in to get a bite and a beer before my flight.  Someone says “hey, Andy” - it was Lennard Zinn.  We chatted for a couple minutes, he finished eating and left.  Not 5 minutes later Gary comes in and sits in the exact same chair.  its a small world.

Agreed—it was that mexican restaurant near the D Gates and I bet many such chance meetings have taken place. For as jet-lagged as Gary was, he was quick-witted and eager to tell us how bikes are changing the world.

Having eaten there before, I’m betting the company was more memorable than the food!!  :P

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