Mark V BMX

Mark track stands on his S&S BMX – there’s much to like about a 20 inch travel bike; especially one that’s near bomb proof. We’re traveling with Dahons to Europe and India later this month – more on that trip in another post.

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You guys are coming to India - wow!
You do have readers here, y’know?
I’m in Mumbai, and ride a Dahon Mu P24. There’s a small cycling scene here, and I’ll be happy to show you guys around if you’d like.
Drop me an email if you’d like to hang with the locals, or would like someone who speaks the lingo to travel with you :)
- Kunal.

We are! 2 days in Delhi—do you have contacts there? That’s too far we guess for you to meet us. We want to connect with local cyclists.


Mark’s bike is pretty amazing. He got a lot of looks from the locals in Taipei, and it wasn’t just because of his incredible gams.

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